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Technology and energy vendors provide their customers with a wealth of information designed to inform them about their services. But for many companies, trying to make sense of the various reports and data can be daunting. As well, knowing what to look for to accomplish cost savings and increased efficiencies require expertise and experience. That where Clarus can help.

In today’s complicated business environment, companies are looking for a single platform to process data from various sources, including dashboards and indicators to alert them of potential risks. The platform must also provide centralized management of IT infrastructure and governance.

Traditionally speaking, TEM has only provided this sort of management across telecom services but TEM has evolved to encompass more than just telecommunications assets and their usage. TEM now includes technology as the market has changed to accommodate more expenses and assets.

We’ll Help You Take Control of Your Technology Spend

Technology bills are unlike other types of invoices. Technology solutions, including their unique billing terms can be complex and confusing. In addition, validating that you received the service or product can be time consuming and difficult, particularly for accounting staff who do not have a specialized knowledge of the technologies.

Validating technology invoices can be challenging to your internal staff because it’s time consuming and confusing. Your business also risks late fees or interruption of service if invoices cannot be vetted quickly and paid on time. That’s where Technology Expense Management can help.

Part of your Team but not on your Payroll

Whether you’re looking to improve efficiencies or reduce costs, the technology professionals at Clarus Communications can help. In addition, because we represent a multitude of technology providers, we can evaluate your needs and design the most advantageous solution, at the most competitive price available.

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